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There are so many pictures I would like to show you, here is just a little glimpse of what I have done. My absolute favourite is working with people – portraits or lifestyle or fashion or lookbooks or kids, I would love to be there and see your world. And if you want to see the underwater world I know just who can help you with that. Ring me or send me email if you have a project for me, would love to hear from you!

With productions I work with Tuotan Agency.

Elina Manninen

Elina is a Helsinki based photographer who also works internationally. She is known for her work with people, children and lifestyle. She has long experience in doing production shoots for companies and also she has worked as a producer in many international productions. She has a long history in Australia and New Zealand and currently works in Helsinki, shoots for kids clothing labels in London and works with her sister ice diver Johanna Nordblad in underwater and under ice productions like Netflix Original documentary Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive, the short film Johanna, Limitless with Chris Hemsworth, Gordon, Gino and Fred Desperately Seeking Santa, Life in four elements – Neljä Elementtiä and Big vs. Small film.

Elina’s work has been published in Oprah Magazine, The Red Bulletin, The Observer Magazine, The New York Times, Vogue Portugal, Tangereene Magazine, Elle Taiwan, Elle Brazil, Elle Hungary, Elle Italia, SurfGirl Magazine, Walden Magazine, Grazie France, Guido Germany, Marie Claire Korea, Look Austria, Marie Claire Spain, Oggi Italy, Guinness, Geo Magazine and Geo Adventure Magazine. Her work has also been featured in Faut pas Rever France3, Stade2 France2, Extreme päiväkirjat Dplay, Big vs. Small documentary. Her clients have included Monsoon, Reima Tutta, Jungle Juice Bar, Fish & Kids, JKMM Architects, Porsche Magazine, Lunette, Junior Style London, Ramboll, Kämp hotel group, Robert’s Coffee, Moi Namaste, Saima Helsinki, Asenne Surf, HSY, Helsingin Seurakunnat, Kaivokukka, North Outdoor, Viking Line, Joen Service, Seat, Isotope Watches, Puukioski Munkkiniemi, Radisson, Seastar Beachwear, Alpa, Kahvila Kasinonranta, Työterveyslaitos, Lapland hotels, Birgitta Hernesaari, Visit Heinola, Visit Finland, Zeberas, Kiinteistöliitto, among many others.